趙春翔 CHAO CHUNGHSIANG (1910-1991)

Born in Henan, China, Chao graduated from Henan Normal School in 1931 and Hangzhou National Academy of Art in 1939. He won 16 prizes during this period, and his early works have been collected by his teacher Lin Fengmian and Teng Gu. In 1956, Chao received a scholarship to Spain where he later became a permanent member of the National Art Association of Spain. He then moved to USA in 1958 and devoted the next three decades to exploring and developing his own artistic style. During this time, the Israeli government invited him to participate in the educational film titled “World of Art,” by featuring thirty of his painting. The New York Viyella Fabrics Organization also invited Chao to provide paintings that represents the 1980s period, they provided him a studio a Taipei, and held exhibitions for him in both Taipei and New York City. While living in USA, Chao met his American contemporaries such as Roy Lichtenstein(1923-1997)and Mark Rothko(1903-1970). In 1965, he held a solo exhibition and delivered a lecture at Guggenheim Museum in New York. In 1980, he returned to Taipei for a solo exhibition, and decided to establish an art studio 4 years later. The Chao Chung Hsiang memorial was published in 1999 which was wrote and edited by more than 30 scholars and experts at home and abroad.

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