劉文裕 LIU WENYU (b.1956)

At the age of 15, Liu moved from Taiwan to Japan, and along with his father they held their first father-son joint exhibition, winning immediately success and recognition, he and was praised as the “young genius from Taiwan.” At age 20, he won the Bronze Prize at Japan’s Daiichi Exhibition of Arts, and received praises from more established and experienced Taiwanese modern artists participating in the event. At 22, his parents arranged for him to study in Paris where he studied in schools in both Normandy and Paris, and shifted his focus onto exploring modern abstract paintings. He was selected to the Autumn Salon in 1980. After 1984, Liu explored European abstract painting in the 1950s and the conceptual spaces in Oriental calligraphy; also, as he lived in Brittany, he found inspirations in real objective concreteness, extracting natural forms, traces, and symbols. Liu inherits the elegance of French academic schools, realizing intricacies within the paintings. The elements such as curves, lines, and brushstrokes presented in the paintings echo his reinterpretations of his very own inner sceneries triggered by true emotions.

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