劉春霖 LIU CHUNLIN (1872-1944)

Liu Chun-Lin studied calligraphy at an early age, his lower case calligraphy are created handsomely and won the respect of many. Liu and Yen Chen were known as the best reputable calligraphers, one for lower-case and the other for capital-case. In modern calligraphy, he was the last person to pass the Chinese imperial examination system- the highest form of institute at the time. His poetry and paintings are of honorable reputation even till present day, and is still regarded as the best in lower case calligraphy. After receiving third place in the Xiuzhuan Academy Award, he was sent to Japan to study at the Tokyo Hosei University. After the Revolution, he lived in a secluded home. During the Cao Kun period, he became the Presidential Deputy Secretary and the Executing Secretary of the Director of Office. He represented the Presidence twice for the Sichang Confucius in Qufu, Shandong Dacheng Day Ceremony. During Japan’s invasion of China, he was offered the honorary “Manchukuo Minister of Education” however, he rejected the offer, and remain loyal to his country for the rest of his life. In later years, Liu Chun-Lin suffered from heart disease, and after multiple treatments he passed away on January 18th, 1944 in Beijing, China at the age of 72 years old.

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