劉虹 LIU HONG (b.1956)

Born in Shanxi, China, she graduated from Painting Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1982, and received the MFA from Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1986. Liu stayed to teach at the same school right after graduation, and went for Kassel University exchange program in 1993. Currently is the Professor Dean of the Oil painting Department in the Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts. In 1988, she won Prize of Female Society, Century Women’s Art Exhibition, Beijing, China. Her works have been shown in 1987 in the "Chinese Art Festival", Canada and the 1988 "Chinese Canvas Excellent Work Show", Guang Dao, Japan. Since then, Liu has participated in many international exhibitions, recent records include: “East +West, China Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Ireland, 2002; “Review 77 and 78 - Arts Gallery Academic Invitational Show”, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, China, 2002; “The 3rd China Oil Painting Exhibition”, Beijing, China, 2003; “Dream of Dragon”, China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Vienna, Austria, 2004; “Conceptual Art” - Exhibit of Contemporary Paintings from China, Macau, China. 2005; “Time & Signs” Grand Opening Exhibition, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2006; “The First Chinese Contemporary Art Yearbook Exhibition”, Beijing, China, 2006; “Chinese Contemporary Art Document Exhibition”, Beijing, China, 2006; “A Ticket to Beijing”, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2006; “High Wire Act”, Chengdu, China, 2006; “Common Link Grand Opening Exhibition, Beijing”, China, 2006; “11th Annual Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art”, Beijing, China. 2006. Solo exhibition was held at Byron C. Cohen Gallery for Contemporary Art, Kansas City, MO in 2010.

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