劉飛 LIU FEI (b.1964)

Born in Jiangsu, China, he graduated from the Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts in 1989. Solo exhibitions: Liu Fei Solo Exhibition, Gallery Beijing Space, 2004; L.A.Gallery solo show. BeiJing, 2006; Liu Fei Solo Exhibition,Shanghai, 2006. Group exhibitions: Zhang Hongbo,Liu Fei ‘s Works Red Gate gallery, Beijing, 2001; Red Gate gallery, Beijing, 2001; Chinese Gallery, Thailand, 2002; “Baldness & Vogue” Schoeni Gallery, Hong Kong, 2003; Artists invitation exhibition,Beijing, 2004; Bade art gallery, Taiwan, 2005; Art Fair ShangHai International, Shanghai, 2006; ROCKERS.ISLAND_OLBRICHT COLLECTION, 2007; Mix & Retrospection – New Vision from China, Germany, 2007.

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