劉耿一 LIU KENGI (b.1938)

Born in Tokyo, Japan. Liu returned to Taiwan in 1946 and taught at Heng Chun Junior High School in Pintung. Since he resigned from school and moved to Kaohsiung in 1981, he then became a professional artist. He traveled to Japan, Europe, America and New Zealand to gain inspiration of artistic creation. Awards: Tai-Yang Prize of Tai-Yang Art Association Yearly Exhibition(1963), Chin Chueh Prize for oil paintings by R.O.C. Painting Society. His first one-man show of oil and oil pastel paintings was held at Gallery of Taiwan Daily News, Kaohsiung, 1962. Recent exhibitions: One-man show of oil pastel paintings and sculptural furniture “, Asia Art Center, Taipei, 2001; "Art of Kaohsiung 2001: Art in Kaohsiung after the Lifting of Martial Law" ,Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, 2002;   "I-ness: About Me-Artists' Exploration and Depictions of the Self", Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, 2002; "New Expression of Asian Art" , Tainan Municipal Culture Center, 2004; Solo Exhibition of paintings "Pohutukawa Suite" , Indigo Gallery, kerikeri, New Zealand, 2007; "Elegance and Intellectual Brilliance of Kaohsiung County, I - Art Forerunners" , Kaohsiung County Culture Center, Kangshan, 2008; "Time Reflected upon the Tide: Recent Works by Liu Keng-I" traveling to four arts centers of Taiwan Soka Association: Taipei, Taichung, Doouliow, Kaohsiung (until September 2011) and “Aria of Life: The Art of Liu Keng-I”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 2011.

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