劉國樞 LIU GUOSHU (b.1919)

Liu Guo-Shu was born in Sichuan, China, he is a second generation of oil painting artist. He was enrolled into Wu Chang Academy of Fine Arts in 1938, and later became the head of the Western Painting department in Southwest Fine Art School in 1948. He taught at Southwest People Academy of the Arts and Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts since 1950s. He is an active member of the China Artists Association and took the role of managing director at the Sichuan branch. His painting “Red Army in Northern Sichuan” and “Flying from Luding Bridge” are acquired by the Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution. Liu devoted his entire life to improve artistic education, he trained the next generation of elite artists in China including Luo Zhongli, Gao Xiaohua, Cheng Conglin, He Duoling, Zhou Chunya and Zhu Yiyong. Important exhibitions: “Liu Guo-Shu Oil Painting Retrospective Exhibition” (2011, Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum); “The Age of Shear Beauty: Chinese Old Masters Oil Painting Exhibition” (2012, Caves Art Center, Taipei); “Pillars of the Art Circle: Painting Art Exhibition of Art Professors” (2013, Chongqing Independent & Image Art Space, China).

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