陳庭詩 CHEN TINGSHIH (1916-2002)

Born in Fujian, China, Chen Ting-Shih lost his hearing at a young age, thus enabled him to develop extraordinary concentration. Chen moved to Taiwan in 1948 and was an active member in various art circles including Fifth Moon Group, Modern Graphic Art Association and Modern Eyes Group. He participated in numerous exhibitions in Europe, United States, Asia and other oversea regions. He regularly exhibits along side Fifth Moon Group and held many solo shows. Since 1959, Chen was invited to exhibit at the Sao Paulo Biennial for five consecutive years. In 1970, he was awarded First Prize at the 1st International Biennial Exhibition of Prints in Seoul, Korea. In 1999, he exhibited in Spain and France at the “Metal Sculptor of the 20th Century Exhibition” alongside Cezanne, Picasso and other renown artists. He was also one of the few artists to be mentioned by the renowned French art historian Ferrier, in his book “Art of the 20th Century”. His recent exhibition includes: “Mystery- Chen Ting-Shih Modern Art Exhibition” (2014, Taipei, Taiwan); “Chen Ting-Shih Contemporary Art Exhibition” (2017, Taiwan, Taitung Art Museum)

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