蔡楚夫 CHOI CHORFOO (b.1942)

Born in Guangxi, China, Choi Chor-Foo graduated from the Fine Arts Institute of Guangzhou in 1962. He is now a well-known oil painter with international reputation. In the last forty years, he held and participated in more than a hundred exhibitions in different parts of the world. Currently, he is the director of Asian American Art Association, consultant of American International Cultural and Art Center, consultant of New York Asian Calligraphy Art Association, and director of Spring Wind New York Section. In 1964, his oil painting “Red Pairs” and Chinese calligraphy drawing “Military to Li Village”, he was nominated for the 3rd annual army art exhibition. In 1985, his work was selected for the “Chicago, U.S. New Realism Group Exhibition”, and in 1987, his paintings was once again selected for the Biennial of Queens Museum, and “New York Artists Exhibition” at the Alternative Museum. In 1988 Biennial, his painting won “The Best of Annual Juried”. His recent exhibitions include: “New Century Art Fair” (2000, US, New York, Asian Museum); “Choi Chor-Foo Painting Series” (2005, China, Beijing International Art Garden); “Choi Chor-Foo Creative Exhibition” (2006, Malaysia, Kuala Lumper, Nabi Han Art Museum); “Choi Chor-Foo Oil Painting Solo Exhibition” (2007, China, Dongguan Grand Cannel Art Center)

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