鄧箭今 DENG JIANJIN (b.1961)

Deng Jianjin was born in Guangdong, China, and graduated from Fine Arts Department of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in Jiangxi. His works depict the inner struggles and spiritual alienation of people living in the post-contemporary society. Deng is currently a lecturer at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. His works are included in the collections of the Guangzhou Art Museum, Guangdong Museum of Arts, Shanghai Art Museum, National Art Museum of China, Chengdu Shanghe Art Museum, Montova Youth Palace Museum in Italy, and Shenzhen Art Museum. His past exhibitions include: “Lust – Suppression”: Deng Jianjin Solo Exhibition (2009, Today Art Museum, Beijing), “Dreamlands of Desire” (2012, Tokyo Gallery, Beijing),” He is Our Abyss” (2013, Fei Gallery, Guangzhou), “Next Stop”, Guangzhou – Guangzhou Contemporary Art Exhibition (2014, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Guangzhou), and” Chinese Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition 2015” (2015, Ming Yuan Art Gallery, Shanghai). Deng has received numerous honors and awards including the Academy Award at the China Oil Painting Biennale, Silver Award at the Third Annual China Oil Painting Exhibition, and Documentary Award at the First Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts.

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