蕭一 HSIAO YI (1956-2006)

Born in Chiayi, Taiwan, Hsiao Yi began his artistic training as an apprentice in craftsmanship at the Buddhist and Taoist temples in 1973. He created freely instead of imitating traditional sculptures in 1977. His first solo exhibition was held by Spring Gallery in 1981. Since then, he held many solo exhibitions in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and more. His artworks revolve around the topic of human forms, animals, motorcycles, and other elements of Taiwanese folk life, in which he translates into simplistic modern sculptures. His work discussed spiritual meditation, creativity, and vitality. In his old age he moved deep into the mountains of Taipei County to continue his artistic creation. His recent exhibition includes: “Zen, Yi –Hsiao Yi Solo Exhibition” (2010, Taipei, Taiwan)

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