戴清 DAI QING (b.1973)

Dai Qing was born in 1973 in Shanghai. Her reputation of strong characteristics in her artworks has grown overtime since 2006. Portraits are usually constructed with her signature style. The wild, audacious colors and strokes reflect the artist’s inner demon. She is especially adept at illustrating images between abstract and concrete by using firm, full, lines of oil paint. Such dramatic flows are limitless, nevertheless flourish her works with a scent of reality. Dai Qing focuses most of her work on human portraits, adding personal traits to basic “face” contours we see everyday. As she once mentioned, “go with the flow”, each portrait naturally reveals a self-representation underneath her consciousness. These experiences through expressionism bave been featured in numbers of galleries and institutes such as Gallery 456 in New York, Artlinkart in Beijing, and St. Jacob gallery in London.

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