戴壁吟 TAI PIYIN (b.1946)

Painter Tai Piyin lives in Spain. At an early age, Tai studied under Yang San Lang as an apprentice, and has become one of the few Taiwanese artists who have gained maestro status in Europe. Influenced by the 1970s schools of thoughts, Tai’s creative inspiration is the research and contemplation on the nature of material; with a lifelong devotion to studying oriental paper, Tai has been recruited by the Capellades Paper Mill Museum in Barcelona as a consultant. Graduated from Fine Arts Department, National Taiwan Academy of Arts, he went to Spain in 1975, and has continued to explore expressive materials and visual languages that can better convey his inner world. In 2002, he participated in Montbel Outdoor Art Exhibition in France, and held solo exhibitions at various galleries in Andorra. For years now Tai’s paintings have been exhibited in Spain. In 2004, Tai presented his own painting titled “Taiwan to the World” to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2007, Tai participated in the “Five-Person Joint Exhibition of Taiwanese Modern Art” in Tokyo, Japan. Tai also partook in Art Taipei 2013. His works are based on his rural roots and life experience, and showcase free and unbounded expressions. 

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