鍾耕略 CHUNG KANGLUEH (b.1947)

Chung Kang Lueh is born in Guangzhou China, he graduated from the Guangzhou High School Academy of Fine Arts in 1962, he moved to Hong Kong in 1972, and has lived in New York since 1977. He specializes in oil paintings and sketches for more than thirty years. As an artist he introduces his thoughts in the United States and views on art by publishing thematic research articles for the readers of China. In just thirty years, Chuang Kang Lueh underwent eight different artistic stages from Ladder Series, Tree Shade Series, Cooper Cliff Series, Landscape Series, Niagara Falls series, Fruit Series, Indoor Series to Garden Series. He was a guest lecturer for the Fine Arts Department at Wuhan University in 1989 and in 1996, he became a part-time writer for the Beijing Fine Arts Research Quarterly. Shortly in 1998 he was employed by the Guangdong Academy of Fine Arts. In recent years, his artistic style has made dramatic breakthrough, with a multi-point perspective and focus shifting to indoor space, Chung further demonstrates unique light source to create and accentuates a brand new dimension.

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