韓舞麟 HAN WULIN (1947-2009)

Born in Jiangsu, China, Han later migrated to Taiwan. He graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts, and was known as a realist painter in Taiwan art scene. Han once showed his works and won awards in Taiwan, Japan, America and France etc. Renown exhibitions were held in the American Institute in Taiwan (1979), Taipei Fine Arts Museum (1987), Singapore Notice Gallery (1996), Asian Art Center (1998、2003), National Museum of History (2000), Goethe Institute (2008) etc. Han gained his recognition from international art scene because of the solo show exhibited by the France gallery, ETIENNE DE CAUSANS in 1987. Han Wulin’s works feature the recognition of his own culture and homeland, and was renowned for the fresh and delicate relist style of painting, which make his work widely collected at home and abroad.

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