ZHOU CHUNYA (b.1955)


Born in Sichuan, China, Zhou Chunya graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1982. In 1988, he received his MFA from Gesamthochschule, Kassel, Germany. In 1980, he received second place at the 2nd National Youth Exhibition. His important exhibitions include: “Zhou Chunya Solo Exhibition” (2002, Bergan, Norway, 314 International Art); “Solo Exhibition” (2010, China, Shanghai Art Museum); “Zhou Chunya New Works” (2013, China, Nanjing University of Art). Group exhibitions include: “Zhou Chunya” (1997, China, Shanghai Art Museum); “Alors, La Chine!” (2002, Paris, Pompidou Center); “First Contemporary Art of China Biennial” (2005, France, Montpellier); “Red Hot! Asian Art from the Chaney Family Collection”(2007, Huston Museum of Fine Arts, USA); “Blooming Stories: PaintingsSculptures by Zhou Chunya”, (2007, China, Beijing Today Art Museum); “Green Dog” (2008, Indonesia National Gallery). In 2003, he was selected as the 6th Biennial Academic Committee Director. In 2015 “Peach Blossom: Zhou Chunya Sculpture exhibition” was presented at the Shanghai Aurora Museum. During December of the same year, Macau Museum of Art held a solo exhibition in his honor, titled “Always Begin- Zhou Chunya Paintings” (2015); “The Inner Landscape – Luo Zhongli, Zhou Chunya, Yuan Ching Exhibition” (2016, Shanghai Hongqiao Contemporary ArtMuseum); “Zhou Chunya & Fang Lijun’s Joint Solo Exhibition” (2018, China, K Gallery).





Born in Madrid, Spain. Majored in industrial design. Between 1977 to 2014 he became the leading figure at Fabric the Benetton-funded design and communication academy.Through his line of work. Hayon came in contact with talents around the world specializing in fashion illustration and photography, therefore cultivate his bold ,and enthusiasm style, and let him find the two –way communication between art and industrial design. His works is bold and bright, also a little difficulty to predict and escapist,bring people to the fantasy and amazing design constantly. The Spanish Cultural Department also recognized Hayon as the most talented young artist. Today continues to surprise with his diverse design revealing the love for life and beauty embraced by the Spanish.

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