蕭進興 HSIAO CHINSING (b.1953)

Born in Bu Dai, Chia Yi, Taiwan, graduated from Taiwan University of Arts majoring in traditional painting and completed his education in graduate school majoring in plastic arts. His has received first place in the 10th National Chinese Painting Exhibition, government award in the 37th National Contest of Art Exhibition in Pin Dong, second place in Taipei national Contest of Art Exhibition. He has held more than twenty solo exhibitions and hundreds of national and international joint exhibitions. He was apprenticed to Fu Chuan-fu and Su Feng Nan, been to countless cities and tribal societies in Taiwan as well as China for life paintings. Most of his mediums contain ink water and glue-paint. Hisao Chinghsing is also known for his adpetion in layering heavy pigments and inks to depict the real forms of landscapes.

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