黃岩 HUANG YAN (b.1966)

Born in Jilin Province, China. He is combines painting, photography, and sculpture to explore modes of narrative and landscape, as well as other traditional forms of artistic representation in contemporary China. In his several series, he evokes the traditional art of Chinese landscape painting with a contemporary twist: He has made his career at the outer limits of Chinese landscape painting. Huang melds historical Chinese culture with new art forms, alluding to the body and performance art of the Chinese avant-garde. he artists underscores the enduring connection between Chinese people and their artistic heritage‚ which, ironically, has always ranked humans a distant second to nature. As well as shaking that tradition out of cliched complacency, He has exhibited his work in London, Chicago, New York, Beijing, Milan, Berne, Hong Kong, and other sites around the world, and currently lives and works in Beijing.

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