吳丁賢 WU TINGHSIEN (b.1963)

Wu Ting Hsien was born in Yunlin country Taiwan, he graduated from the Painting Department at Taipei Fushsing Arts High School in 1986, and later received his Master of Fine Arts Degree from Art College of San Francisco in 1991. In 1989, he won Best Oil Painting Award at the 12th National Art Exhibition of the Republic of China, and first place at the National Oil Painting Exhibition. In 1999, he received scholarship from Asian Cultural Council Foundation. In 2003, Wu received the 92nd Elite Alumni Award from the National Taiwan University of Arts. His first debuted his work at Zhong Ming Art Center in 1993. Other exhibitions include: “Oil Painting Wu Ting Hsien Solo Exhibition” (1999, San Francisco); “Oil Painting Solo Exhibition – Urban Space” (2004, Asia Art Center, Taipei); “Linear Space” (2006, 99dac Art Center, Taipei); “Wu Ting-Hsien Oil Painting Exhibition: Linear Space” (2007, Ya Di Art Gallery); “Solo Exhibition” (2010, 99dac Art Center, Taipei); “Linear Space” (2010, National Taiwan University of Art, Taipei); “Linear Space” (2012, 99dac Art Center, Taipei); “Oil Painting Solo Exhibition” (2015, Kuo Mu Sheng Foundation, Taipei).

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