柯適中 KO SHINCHUNG (b.1966)

Ko Shin Chung was born in Nantao, Taiwan. He graduated from the Western Painting department of National Taiwan University of Art, and received his master’s degree from Fontbonne College, United States. In 2003 he served as the chairman of Nantou County Fine Arts Institute, and jury for Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition of Taichung City, Yushan Art Exhibition, Miaoli County Art Exhibition, Public Art Exhibition. He is currently teaching at the Private Nan Kai University of Technology in the department of Culture, Creativity and Design. His solo exhibitions include: (2006, Taichung Cultural Affaire); “Journal, Space” (2007, Taichung GSR Gallery, Beijing and Shanghai China Plas Art Center, France GSR Gallery); “Under the Colorful Sky” (2010, National University Tour Exhibition); “Aesthetic Hall: Scenery Thoughts” (2011, Puli Duck Coffee Shop of National Chi Nan University); “The Natural Form Solo Exhibition” (2012, Nantou Province Cultural Center); “Solo Exhibition” (2013, Taichung Dadun Culture Center); “Solo Exhibition” (2015, Nantou); his works are currently in the collection of National Museum of Fine Arts and National History Museum in Taiwan.


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