洪磊 HONG LEI (b.1960)

Born in Jiangsu, China. Hong graduated from Nanjing Art College in 1987. He held his first solo exhibition in America: “An Alternative Beauty” in New York in 2003. Main Exhibition: 1992 “Guangzhou Biennale”, Guangzhou. 1997 “New Image- Conceptual photograph”, Beijing; 2000 “Inside Body – Chinese Contemporary Photograph and Image”, New York, USA; 2001 “Facing Contradiction - Contemporary Photograph and Image of Beijing” Helsinki, Finland; 2003 “Alors, la china” at Pompidou Center, Paris; 2004 “Excellence – Chinese Photograph” Museum of contemporary Art, Taipei; 2006 ”Transmitting the Ancient” at Chambers Fine Art, New York;  2006 ”Art Taipei 2006” Taipei, Taiwan; 2009 "Seasons - Recent Works by Hong Lei" at Chambers Fine Art, New York.

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