黃志琼 HUANG ZHIQIONG (b.1963)

Born in Wuhan, Hubei and graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Fine Arts. He taught in the Hubei Institute of the Urban Construction from 1988 to 1990. Exhibitions: Rendition – the Exhibition of Xu Aiguo and Huang Zhiqiong’s works in the Beijing International Art Museum in 2000; Cultural Standpoint Exhibition in the Shanghai East Gallery in 2005; the Grand Exhibition of Today’s Chinese Fine Art in the National Art Museum of China as well as the Chinese Contemporary Art Documentary Exhibition In the China Millennium Monument in 2006; Landscape of Desire – the Exhibition of Shang Yang and the students in the Bridge Gallery in Beijing in 2007; Fearful Palpitation and Delight- Huang Zhiqiong Solo Exhibition in the Beijing 9 Art Space in 2008.

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