吳志鵬 WU ZHIPENG (b.1974)

Zhi Peng Wu graduated with honors from The Arts and Design College, Fuzhou University which currently collected "Prisoner" and "Dentist" .  From 1982 to 1988 , he was a member of the Xiamen artist association. Meanwhile, many artworks were nominated in national art exhibition and won awards. He participated in “Xiamen DaDa” art movement lead by Huang Yong Quan. Also, he initiated and participated in Xiamen's first five artist contemporary art exhibition. Immigrated to Australia in 1988, Zhi Peng Wu's solid foundation of profession and unique aesthetics were recognized extensively. In 1996 he held a personal art exhibition sponsored by the Australian Cultural Department. and was invited by the famous Taiwanese art critic Jiang Xun to hold a personal art exhibition in Taipei Back Garden Art Gallery. he designed and created a large outdoor sculpture, "Harmony", for Griffith University (Brisbane Campus), and received remarkable recognition. His "Old Street" scenery oil painting series was nominated in "Tattersall's club Landscapes Art Prize 2007" and was bought with the highest bid by Property Solutions Australian. His artworks are collected by organization and individuals; Brisbane Taipei Cultural Office, Griffith University (Brisbane Campus), Telstra Australia, University of Beijing and Telstra Australia.

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