張念 ZHANG NIAN (1964-2016)

Born in Sichuan, China, Zhang Nian graduated from Central Industrial Art Institute in 1988. He passed away from cancer in 2016. His signature work “Waiting” was exhibited in the “Chinese Modern Art Exhibition” in 1989. Other important exhibitions include: “Moving Memories” (2006, Beijing, Dondaming Art Center); “Radiant Moment”(2006, Beijing, Today Art Museum); “Socialist Movement- Contemporary Art Exhibition” (2006, Beijing, 789 Model Space); “2006 Chinese Modern Art” (2006, Beijing, Beijing World Art Museum); “Starting from SouthWest” (2007, Guangzhou, Guangzhou Museum of Art); “1980s- Chinese Avant-Garde Exhibition” (2009, Shanghai, Duolun Museum of Modern Arts); “Voice of the Unseen – Venice Biennale” (2013, Italy, Tesa alle Nappe, Tese di San Cristoforo); “Microscopic World: Zhang Nian Solo Exhibition” (2014, Beijing, Tree Gallery); “The 2nd NJIAF Exhibition” (2015, China, Nanjing International Exhibition Center). His art is widely celebrated across the globe, they can be found in the collection of major art foundations, corporates and private collections.

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