劉世芬 LIU SHYHFEN (b.1964)

Born in Taipen, graduated in National Taipei College of Nursing. In 1994, Liu engaged in magazines and newspaper iconography. She joined all kinds of art exhibition since 1996 in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Japan, Israel, England and Canada. She was chosen by the first, second and third Taipei Art Exhibition award, The eighth International Engraving Sketch Biennale. 1998, Taipei Fine Arts Museum「Imagery & Esthetics」Taiwan Art Women Exhibition; 1998 「Desire Area」Taipei Biennale; 1999-2000「Vision of Plurality Dimension─Taiwan Modern Art 1988-1999」barnstorm exhibition; 2000「Short Range Observation」Taiwan Modern Art Canada barnstorm exhibition, Fukuoka, Florence International Art Exhibition; 2001 in Taiwan “ Venice biennale shows Actitivy Factor”. In the same year displaying in Japan FuGang’s MOMA Contemporary Arts Gallery; 2002 in Taiwan display “magnetic writing-The image staring at us.”; 2005 in Taiwan Eslite Gallery “ Clinic Path of the Sphinx -- Lu Shi-fen Solo Exhibition ”. Publication:《Understanding the Sounds & Murmurs of the Heart》.

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