陳聖頌 CHEN SHENGSUNG (b.1954)

Born in Yunlin, graduated from National Normal University in 1976 and Natioal Rome Academy of Arts in 1988. As a village head of Ko-a-Tau Artist-in-Residence during 2001 to 2005. Selected exhibitions: Edicola Art Space Rome, Spello, Dellfoglie Gallery, 1990; the Doors Art Space Kaohsiung, Golden Stone Gallery Taichung, 1991; Taipei Fine Arts Museum, the Doors Art Space Kaohsiung, 1994; “the Light”, Latin Café, Rome, 1995; Gzen 50 Art Space, Taichung Fine Arts Museum, 1997; Howard Salon Kaohsiung, 2000; Since Well Humanistic Gallery, 2005. Awards: 3rd Creation of Contemporary Painting Award of Lee Chungsheng Foundation, 1993; support subsidies form National Culture and Arts Foundation, 1998. His Works are collected by Taipei Fine Arts Museum, National Fine Arts Museum and Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum.

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