陳鴻志 CHEN HUNGCHIH (b.1978)

Born in Fujian, graduated from the Fujian Normal University in 1999, presently as the vice-principle of New Space Art Training School. His works have published in "Chinese Oil Painting", "Chinese Art" and so on. Exhibitions: “Chen Hung Chih Sketch Exhibition”, Fuzhou, 1995; “31 Sketch Exhibition”, Fuzhou, 1997 and 1998; “ Fujian 3rd Art Festival”, 1999; “Contemporary Art Exhibition2001”, Fuzhou, 2001; “the Young Pioneer” ten people exhibition, 2002; “The 3rd Oil Painting Exhibition”, Beijing, 2003; “Contemporary Art Exhibition- Purity”, Fuzhou, 2004; “the order of fantasy” Contemporary Youth Art Exhibition, Fuzhou; “Shanghai International City Sculpture Biennale”, 2005; “No limitation statement of 798”, Beijing, 2006.

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