毛同強 MAO TONGQIANG (b.1960)

Born in NingXia, graduated in 1980 from the Fine Arts Department of Ningxia University. From 1984 to 1986, he had received professional training in Zhejiang Institute of Arts of oil painting. Then he has been working for the Ningxia Calligraphy and Painting Institute. Recently displays: “3rd National Oil Painting Exhibition”, 2003; “ He Lan Shan Fang Jin Shan Fang design ”, “Passing Time”, 2004; “From Flourish to Fall”, Soobin Gallery, Singapore, Suppan Contemporary, Austria, “Passing Time- Mao Tongqiang Solo Photos Exhibition”, Hong Kong. “Art Singapore 2005”, Singapore, “Shine Art Space Makes Its Debut in Shanghai”, SHiNE ART SPACE, Shanghai, 2005.

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