陳渝 CHAN YU (b. 1982)

Born in Hong Kong, graduated form Szechuan Academy of Fine Arts. Now living and working in Chongqing. His first oil paintings exhibition in Chongqing was in 2003. In 2004, he won the excellence prizes in the yearly works exhibition of “the 11th Term Students of Oil Painting Department of Szechuan Fine Art Institute” and “04 Creating Achievements Exhibition of Szechuan Fine Art Institute”. In 2005, he won “the 3rd term postgraduate of Sichuan Fine Art Institute” and “the 10th term students of Szechuan Fine Art Institute” and “the 12th term students of oil painting department of Szechuan Fine Art Institute” of the Excellence Prize in the yearly works exhibition. In 2006, “Right now in China” solo exhibition in Saint Tropez, France;”A tale of two cities”, China Art Seasons, Beijing, China, Singapore, Jakarta;” Our Toys, Our Dreams& Our Childhood” in Hong Kong.

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