陳瑞福 CHEN RUEYFU (b.1935)

Chen Ruey-Fu was born in Pingtung County in 1935. He first enrolled in the National Pingtung University in 1951, upon graduating he was assigned to teach an elementary schools in Kaohsiung, during this period, he studied painting under the instructions of artist Liu Chi-Hsiang who used to live in France. Liu broadened Chen’s artistic perspective and even encouraged him to participate in various art events. Chen was always deeply captivated by the ocean sceneries, he painted the same subject for nearly half a century, and his works always convey hope and energy; demonstrating expert use of colors. His earlier works embodies rich texture and later works portrays a sand-like foundation, “Kaoshiung Lighthouse” eventually became his most renowned series. In 1973, he won the Golden Cup Awards, and in 1980 he received the Chinese Writer’s & Artist’s Association Awards. Beginning in 1967, he exhibited in Japan, Taiwan and many other locations, with many personal publications. He was the honorary chairman of Southern Art Association, director and evaluation committee of the Taiyan Art Association. Chen’s works convey strong human emotion, unwavering determination and figurative techniques, documenting the beauty of Taiwanese culture and custom. 

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