鄭麗雲 LEIGH WEN (b.1959)

Cheng Leigh Wen was born in Yingge, Taiwan. After graduating from National Taiwan Normal University, she was selected as one of the “Top Ten Talented Young Artist of Asia”. In 1994, she received her masters of Fine Arts degree from New York University. She received awards from Jackson Pollock-Pollock Krasner Foundation (2005); New York Foundation for the Arts (2000) and more. Known for her “linear” artistic vocabulary, she participated in Italy Biennale Internationale dell ‘Arte Contemporanea di Firenze in 2001 and won the honorary “Lorenzo II Magnifico” award. In 2006, her works were acquired into the permanent collection of the United States; the same year she was invited to White House as an honorable guest. Since 1996, she held many solo exhibitions in Taiwan and overseas, including: “The Harbor and the Open Seas” (1996, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taiwan); “Water vs. Fire” (1998, Albany Center Gallery, New York); “Solo Exhibition” (2006, Taipei Howard Plaza Boutique, Taiwan); (2009, Los Angeles Gray Gallery, U.S.A.); “1/0 Cheng Leigh Wen 20 Years Retrospective” (2012, Modern Art Gallery, Taichung); “Transit Transformation” (2012, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei); “Linear meet Symbols – Wu Hsueh Jang and Cheng Leigh Wen Art Exhibition” (2017, Mingshan Art, Taipei). 



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