Tsuyoshi Maekawa was born in Osaka, Japan in 1936. He joined the Gutai art movement in 1962, along with Shuji Mukai and Takesada Matsutani they called themselves the “3M.” Since 1960s, Maekawa was captivated by drawing and using other material. He is skilled in creating texture, his earlier works were pure two-dimensional drawings. He is most renowned for using burlaps (a textile used to make jute rice bags) placed onto a canvas, and then cut, sewn and folded. The colored enamel paint were then poured/splashed/dyed over the textured surface, producing an abstract image. His works were sometimes identified as sawn burlaps mountain sceneries, hidden within his works are characteristics derived from the traditional Lin Pai Landscape art style. In recent years of art practice, his creative techniques have flourished, the dynamic texture of uneven ripples still exists in his later works. Recent exhibitions include, “Tsuyoshi Maekawa – Energy Extortionist” (2015, Hong Kong, Whitestone Gallery); “Tsuyoshi Maekawa- The Strength of Matter” (2017, Taipei, Whitestone Gallery).


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