中村萌 MOE NAKAMURA (b.1988)

Moe Nakamura was born in 1988 in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design with a master’s degree in the Painting Department. Currently an up and coming Japanese contemporary artist, her art practice focuses on warmly hand-carved wooden figures, her sculptures convey youthful wit and soothing texture, embodying innocence and serenity, leading the views into a kind of enchanting fairytale. Exhibitions she have participated include: “Fair 2015” (2015, Japan, Tokyo Art Gallery); “Art Taipei” (2014, Taiwan, Taipei World Trade Center); “Art Meeting Exhibition” (2013, Japan, Ginza Mitsukoshi Tokyo). Other important solo exhibitions include: “Loop-Loop Moe Nakamura Exhibition” (2014, Japan, Tokyo Art Museum); “Hopehole- Moe Nakamura Exhibition” (2012, Tokyo, Gallery Tsubaki). She is currently an active artist in the art scene of Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other parts of Asia.

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