格里.巴斯曼 GARY BASEMAN (b. 1960)

Gary Baseman was born in 1958. He used to work as an illustrator in New York, his drawings have been published in The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly Time, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times. He also collaborated with many fields including performance, film, board games, cartoon and fashion. His small adorable characters embody adult-like quality, thus audience of all age group can embrace his works. He was rewarded with many awards including the Emmy award for ABC/Disney cartoon series, Teacher’s Pet and more. His artworks are in the permanent collection of Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in D.C. and MACRO-Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome. He is eager to participate in exhibitions across the world. In 2003, he designed the bottle for HeySong soda, and in 2004, he curated the Yilan International Children’s Folklore & Folkgame Festival. Recently he held a solo exhibition in Asia, titled “Welcome to My Home” (2014, Taipei, MoCA).

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