黃本蕊 HUANG BENREI (b. 1959)

Huang Benrei was born in Taipei in 1959, she graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at the National Taiwan Normal University in 1982. She later moved to New York to continue her studies, and graduated from School of Visual Arts with an MFA in Illustration as Visual Essay. Since 2012, she draws inspiration from everyday life and uses Nini the rabbit as a vehicle for contemplation and reflection on her experiences. In 2013, she started working with 3-dimensional works. Her solo exhibition include, “Here with Me” (2009, Taipei Cultural Center, Taipei Economic and Cultural office in New York, New York); “Last Night Butterfly Brought Me Dreams” (2009, ESLITE Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan); “An Angel on My Table” (2010, Cypress College Arts Theater, Los Angeles, U.S.); “Dreams for Sale” (2013, ESLITE Gallery, Taipei, PROJECT ONE, Hong Kong); “Being Entangled with Paper: An International Survey of Work on/by/ of/with/from Paper” (2013, Star Gallery, Beijing, Halcyon Gallery, Shanghai, China); “Fun and Whimsy” (2013, Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York); “Giggling Bubbling” (1993, Da Gallery, New York).

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