洪易 HUNG YI (b.1970)

Born in Taichung, Taiwan, and a graduate of Mingdao High School's graphic design program, Hung Yi is an artist with a unique style. He uses rich colors and whimsical lines to express vibrant vitality through bold rhythms. His works often incorporate elements of local folklore, creating distinctive visual imagery. In 2020, he established the "Hung Yi Art Museum" in Changhua, Taiwan.


Key exhibitions and projects: "Sculpture, Nature, and Architecture, Modern and Past Experiences," the 6th Racconigi International Sculpture Biennial Exhibition (2010, Turin, Italy, Racconigi Royal Palace), "CIGE China International Gallery Exposition" (2010, Beijing, China, China International Trade Center), "Happiness and Longevity International Biennial Exhibition" (2010, Changhua, Taiwan, Fuxing Granary), "Glorious Taiwan," public art installation at the Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2 (2011, Taoyuan, Taiwan), "Hung Yi Solo Exhibition - Animal Party" (2013, Taipei, Taiwan), "Floral Animals Carnival" Solo Exhibition (2015, San Francisco City Hall, USA), "Swinging Hemline Golf Tournament - Hung Yi Installation Art Exhibition" (2015, Lake Merced Golf Club, San Francisco, USA), "Hung Yi Happy Animal Party Installation Art Exhibition" (2017, New Taipei City, Taiwan), "Hung Yi x Hwang Po-Wei x Huang Po-Wei Dialogue Joint Exhibition" (2020, Taichung, Taiwan, Taichung Old Winery), "Galaxia Hung: Journey to the Stars" (2021, Spain), Hung Yi's artwork is known for its vibrant and colorful representations of animals and folklore, and it has been showcased internationally in various exhibitions and public art installations.

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