丹尼爾.阿爾軒 DANIEL ARSHAM (b.1980)

Daniel Arsham is one of the most astonishing emerging avant-garde artists in 21st century America, who traverses the boundaries between art, architecture, and performance art. His artistic creations span across different media and platforms, with the audience's experience at the forefront, providing surprising sensory experiences through material transformations. He transforms contemporary artifacts and characters into eroded works of art, using geological materials such as sand, translucent plaster, or volcanic ash, making his works look like archaeological relics buried for ages in gravel. As a color-blind artist, Arsham lacks sensitivity to colors, but he employs monochrome or gradient expressions to create futuristic-style art, which is minimalist and contradictory, deconstructing our imagination of materials and space.


Some of his recent exhibitions include "Present in the Present" (2019, Shanghai, China, HOW Art Museum), "3018" (2018, New York, USA, Galerie Perrotin), "Architecture Anomalies" (2018, Tokyo, Japan, NANZUKA), "Color Shadows" (2018, Tokyo, Japan, Perrotin Tokyo), "3020 Future Relics" (2020, Beijing, China, Beijing World Trade Center Plaza), and "Kanto Rarities" (2020, Tokyo, Japan, Nanzuka).

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