劉啓祥 LIOU CHIHSIANG (1910-1998)

Born in Tainan, Taiwan, Liou went to Japan for abroad study in 1923, studied in Tokyo Aoyama Gakuin High School Department. Liu was graduated from Arts Initiative Tokyo, Department of Fine Arts. After he came back to Taiwan in 1932 he had his first solo exhibition, and went to France for abroad study with Yang San-Lang in the same year. Liou had won the "Ni Ka Shou" as the highest honor in Japan, came back to Taiwan and joined Taiyang Art Association during the WWII, founded Kaohsiung Art Research Group in 1952. Liou had held many solo and retrospective exhibitions locally and internationally. His recent exhibition includes “South of Taiwan: Elegant, Romantic- Liou Chi-Hsiang Retrospective Exhibition” (2016, Taipei, Top Gallery).

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