栗子 (余麗) LILY (YU LI) (b.1979)

Lily was born in Hubei, China. She graduated from the oil painting Department at the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in 2003, and completed her Masters degree in 2007. She won the prize from “Provincial Oil painting Exhibition” in Wuhan, 2003. Her well known exhibitions include: “ Five of Contemporary Art”, “LIberalismo Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Rome, Italy, “Gathering- New Artists of China 2007”, Yenhuang Art Museum, Beijing, 2007; “Eight China Contemporary Artists Exhibition”, 2009, Italy; “Asura” Contemporary Art Exhibition, 2010, Shanghai; “The Shadow of Sense,” 2013, Beijing; and “Mysteries/Lizi’s Solo Exhibition,” 2014, Hong Kong, “Li Tzu and Guo Tzu Exhibition” (2015, Guangdong, China, Bridge Gallery) “The Fifth forest- Li Tzu Solo Exhibition” (2016, Guangdong, China, E Contemporary Museum). “Historicode: Scarcity & Supply” (2016, The 3rd Nanjing International Art Festival, Baijia Lake Museum); “Representation of Time” (2017, Beijing, Zuzhong Art Museum).

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