李爽 LI SHUANG (b.1957)

Li Shuang was born in Beijing, China, she used to work as a stage designer for the Chinese National Youth Art Theatre. She was one of the founding members of the 70’s Chinese art association called “Star Painting Group”. Li exhibited in the first and second “Star Exhibition” in 1979 and 1980. She later immigrated to France in 1983. Since 1979 she participated in more than 40 national and international group exhibitions. Her works are in the collection of many important institutes such as Epernay Museum, Seoul National Museum and Fukuoka Asian Art Museum. Her recent exhibitions include: “Art Milan” (2002, Milan, Italy); “European Fine Art Fair” (2002-2003, Geneva, Switzerland); “Culture Festival between French and China” (2004, Paris, MK2 National Library); “Art Singapore” (2005, Singapore); “CIGE”(2006, Beijing); “CIGE”(2007, Beijing). Her solo exhibitions include: “Li-Shuang” (2008, Shanghai, China); “Butterfly Dream: Li Shuang Solo Exhibition” (2010, Beijing); “Li Shuang Collage Art Exhibition” (2014, Beijing); “Moi, Nous, La Conscience de 7 Mondes” (2014, Beijing, China); “What’s the Name of” (2016, Beijing). Her publication includes “Shuang” (UNITAS, 1999).

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