彭康隆 PENG KANG-LONG (b.1962)

Peng Kang-Long was born in Hualien, Taiwan in 1962. He graduated from the Fine Arts Department at Taipei National University of the Arts with a focus on ink painting in 1988. He is a leading contemporary ink painter in Taiwan, renowned for his innovative techniques that bridge traditional landscape philosophy with modern poetry. His unique style combines traditional ink painting with new media and techniques, creating a distinctive aesthetic. His paintings often feature beautiful plants and flowers, inviting viewers to explore the spiritual realm and reconnect with nature. 


He's works have been widely exhibited in Taiwan, China, and beyond, including at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, the Beijing International Art Fair, and the Shanghai Art Fair. His works have also attracted the attention of collectors around the world, including the Abu Dhabi royal family, who collected his " Floral Rocky Scape " series in 2005.

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