Hu Ling Yu grew up in the town of Yujing in Tainan, Taiwan. She experienced the simplicity and genuine emotions of rural life, which planted the seed for her future artistic creations. After graduating from high school, she pursued her passion for art and enrolled in the sculpture program at the Taiwan National University of Arts, launching her diverse and colorful career in art. For her first solo exhibition, she chose the challenging theme of carving pottery, aiming to express the greatest level of depth within a limited space. This presented a challenge for controlling the strength of her carving, as too little or too much force could ruin the piece. She had to remain completely focused and pay attention to every detail to achieve the desired result. The artist mentioned a deep and inexplicable love for clay, which she first discovered as a child. The warmth and tenderness of her initial encounter with clay created an unbreakable bond between the artist and sculpture.

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