LY LY (b.1981)

LY is an artist born in Tokyo in 1981. Her cityscape paintings combine a variety of classic urban art elements and imagery, such as skateboard parks, shops, burger joints, and subway stations, immersed in more traditional Japanese architecture and design styles. LY's works always present an incredible diversity, with vivid black and gray tones, layered painting techniques, achieving a clean and unique aesthetic effect, with a hint of melancholy. The black figure LUV or LUVS in these black and white works is a mysterious character, resembling a harmless monster, inspired by classic Japanese tradition and comics. This character can be seen as the artist's alter ego, giving new meaning to everyday behavior, opening up different interpretations of social and cultural behavior in today's metropolitan life.

LY's solo exhibitions include "Far Away from Home" (Calm & Punk Gallery, Tokyo, 2016), "Somewhere" (Omotesando ROCKET, Tokyo, 2017), "Outside, Inside" (TARGET Gallery, Tokyo, 2018), "LUVS" (Avenue des Arts Gallery, Los Angeles, 2020), and "What LUVS Look Like" (GR Gallery, New York, 2021), among others.

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