Noritoshi Mitsuuchi is a Japanese surrealist painter born in 1978, who graduated from Kobe Design University. He first gained recognition in the art world in 2002 and has since received widespread acclaim through exhibitions and art fairs around the world. His creative inspiration comes not only from Japanese manga and Western cartoons but also from ancient Japanese bird and animal paintings and landscape paintings, as well as his most direct perceptions of the external world and his inner soul.


Mitsuuchi’works often feature bright and saturated colors and cartoon-like characters, such as a guitar-playing kitten or a sky princess riding on a cloud. Stars, rainbows, and cute animals are also common elements in his paintings. He abandons difficult painting techniques and complex adult thinking and instead uses childlike images to express his personal emotions, being genuine and unbound. He returns to the pure perspective of childhood to view the world and pours unreserved feelings onto the canvas. He once said, "The harder you try to paint better, the more important things will disappear."

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