內森.帕迪森 NATHAN PADDISON (b. 1983)

One of the most popular emerging contemporary artists in Australia today, Nathan Paddison is a self-taught talent who excels in interpreting the purest feelings through bold colors, rough lines, and humorous twisted perspectives. Through art, Nathan Paddison struggles with the chaotic past and drug addiction, and in the process of creating art, he finds redemption and saves his life. His works are experiential and primitive, and some of them also have a satirical meaning, conveying strong social and political messages.


In each painting, Nathan Paddison projects strong emotions and sincere thoughts that are not contrived. His creations are not limited to a single medium, but include acrylic paint, enamel, textiles, newspapers, markers, and crayons. He believes that a single medium would limit the artistic creation process, and by using different media, each idea can be expressed in its own style.

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