格哈德.里希特 GERHARD RICHTER (b.1932)

Gerhard Richter is a German visual artist born into an intellectual family. From 1949 to 1951, he served as an apprentice to a professional painter before beginning his studies at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts in 1951.Richter's works encompass various forms such as abstract art, photorealistic painting, photography, and glass media. He follows art concepts of figures such as Picasso and Jean Arp, constantly innovating and creating various forms of art. His works have fetched high prices at major auctions, frequently breaking his own records.


Gerhard Richter is renowned for his exploration of various painting media, often incorporating visual effects from photography into his creations. His works mainly reflect the dialectic between painting and photography, and between figurative and abstract art. He is famous for his "photo paintings" of portraits, still lifes, and landscapes, which possess a unique blurry effect. Under this effect, his works have a soft, subdued atmosphere similar to that of smudging, allowing them to freely shuttle between figurative and abstract art.


Gerhard Richter is widely known as one of the most expensive living artists today, and his artistic career also carries significant weight in the academic and artistic fields. Today, top international institutions, museums, foundations, and collectors almost certainly have several of his works in their collections and have held exhibitions featuring his work. The Louis Vuitton Foundation, for example, is a major collector of Gerhard Richter’s works and even has a dedicated exhibition space for his pieces.

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