薛保瑕 HSUEH PAOSHIA (AVA) (b.1956)

Born in Taichung, Taiwan in 1956, Paoshia studied art in Taiwan before traveling to New York in the 1980s to pursue her art education. She earned her doctorate in art from the New York University Education School, where she focused on the history and various styles of Western abstract art. With an Eastern aesthetic perspective, she examines abstract painting, emphasizing calligraphy-style movement and structure over the line expressions typically found in Western art. Her father had a passion for calligraphy, and her exposure to this art form since childhood deeply influenced her proficiency in Chinese ink painting.


Paoshia's dedication to art is well-known in Taiwan's art industry, where she has produced numerous works since returning from her studies in the United States. While serving as the director of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, she faced a life-threatening ordeal, but the experience strengthened her resolve to create, believing that "being a creator is her most important identity."


Her works have been exhibited in Taiwan, China, the United States, France, Italy, South Korea, Japan, and other countries. She has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Li Chung-sheng Foundation Modern Painting Award, the Women's Culture and Art Society Award, the National Award for Special Contributions (Third-Class), the Outstanding Teaching Award of the Third Art Education Contribution Award from the Ministry of Education, and the National Science Council's Class A Research Award for the 84th academic year. Her works are collected by institutions such as the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, the National Art Museum of China, and the White Rabbit Gallery in Australia, as well as private collectors.

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