平子雄一 YUICHI HIRAKO (b.1982)

Yuichi Hirako was born in 1982 in Okayama, Japan and currently lives and works in Tokyo. He has long focused on the relationship between plants and people in his artwork, primarily through painting but also through a variety of other mediums such as drawing, sculpture, installation, and sound performance. This interest began during his time studying at Wimbledon College of Art in London, where he began to explore the different experiences of living in the man-made parks of England versus the natural forests of his hometown in Okayama, and the differing ways in which Eastern and Western cultures approach the idea of "being close to nature".


He was fascinated by the feeling of plants that are controlled by humans, such as potted plants, street trees, and park plantings, being defined as "natural". Through his artwork, he explores the boundary between nature and humanity in modern society. His works are characterized by bright colors, intricate compositions, and unconstrained lines and colors that depict rich elements and details.


Some of his exhibitions include "Fallen Leaves" (Isetan Art Gallery, Taipei, 2022), "Mount Mariana" (Gallery Baton, Seoul, 2021), and "GIFT" (Kotaro Nukaga, Tokyo, 2021).


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