杰弗里.布約 GEOFFREY BOUILLOT ( b.1990 )

Geoffrey Bouillot was born in 1990 in Burgundy, France, and currently resides in Japan. He uniquely blends the charm of France with the elegance of Japan, utilizing a black-and-white grayscale palette as the foundation for his artwork. His work explores the fusion of various art movements, including manga, pop art, cubism, and futurism. His distinctive still life and portrait paintings incorporate alchemical symbols and patterns inspired by ancient civilizations.


Recent exhibitions by Geoffrey Bouillot include "OTOKO ONNA HANA" (2023, Taipei, Taiwan), "Mr & Mrs" (2023, Miami, USA), "Sottomondo" (2023, Seoul, South Korea), "Puyo Stories" (2023, Tokyo, Japan), "Masters of Olympus" (2023, Tokyo, Japan), and "Génération Do" (2022, Paris, France). He also participated in the "Orientalis" exhibition in Hong Kong in 2021.

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