林耀生 LIN YAOSHENG (b.1954)

Lin Yao Sheng was born in 1954, he graduated from Chinese Culture University with major in art in 1978, and Fontbonne University Masters of Fine Arts in 1997. He was an apprentice to Wu Cheng Yen.

He is especially proficient in watercolor and instructing techniques. His works display strong foundation in sketching, fluent brushstrokes, and rich layers of colors. In 1982, he received first place in Ministry of Education Art and Literature Award. 1989, he was awarded a merit award from “Taiwan Fine Arts Exhibition”. In 1985-2012, he attended “Taiwan Watercolor Association Exhibition”; in 2008 “Taiwan Contemporary Watercolor Exhibition”(Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan). 2008-2009, he attended “One Hundred Years of Watercolor in Taiwan” (National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and National Museum of History, Taichung and Taipei, Taiwan). In 2010, he was invited to participate in an international exhibition held by Incheon Metropolitan City Museum in Korea. Other recent exhibition include “Lin Yao Sheng Solo Exhibition: City of Memories” was held by Tainan University of Technology in 2017.

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